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About Us


Today, the world is now going through a more severe meltdown than we saw in the financial sector. In many ways, relationship meltdown has become an undeniable stream of moral decadence flowing across every corner of our world. Men and women no longer understanding each other! Divorce is now more common than ever before even within the church. The relationship time-bomb is set long before couples walk down the aisle. Fatherlessness and single-parenthood have become socially acceptable. About nine out of ten of the people who end up in prison are from a broken family. Abuse and underage sex have increased sharply in the last decade. The challenges now faced by the family institution in this technology-age are simply unprecedented. But we have a hope, for the Scripture says,

“By wisdom is a house built, and by understanding it is established” (Proverbs 24:3).

When understanding is lacking, abuse is inevitable. Yes Yes Ministries Int’l Singles and Married has come with a revelation that every covenant child of God can live a fulfilled life as a single or in their matrimonial home. As we promote the praxis of Love, Faith and Hope at every level, individuals and families will be empowered to enjoy a lifetime of honeymoon.


‘Commissioned by God for Setting the Solitary in Families and Liberating Marriages through the Preaching of the Word of Truth’


  • Yes Yes Ministries is a 501c3 approved non-profit organization
  • Yes Yes Ministries is an itinerant ministry
  • Yes Yes Ministries is NOT a church
  • Yes Yes Ministries is an interdenominational ministry
  • Yes Yes Ministries works with, but independent of, any church, ministry, or organization


  • To make marriages work (Genesis 2:23-25)
  • To set the solitary in families (Psalm 68:6)
  • To reduce the rate of divorce (Malachi 2:16)


Liberating singles and married:

  • Through the teaching of the word of Truth
  • Through unfolding the mysteries of love, faith, and hope
  • By giving light to how relationships work
  • By turning marriages into a lifetime of honeymoon
  • By restoring Hope by Faith through Love
  • By empowering singles for immediate covenant marriages


  • Rebuilding FAITH (Heb 11:1)
  • Reviving HOPE (Rom 5:5)
  • Restoring LOVE (John 3:16)


 Our focus is on mankind in general and in particular on:

  • Youths: The Married and Adults
  • Engaged: People in committed relationships
  • Singles: Unengaged singles, Separated or Divorced, Students, Widows, Single-parents etc


Pastor Tomilola S. Banjoko (PhD)
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a Teacher, a Theologian, an Author, a Relationships Counselor, and a Human Resources Manager. Born in Nigeria into a Christian family. I am happily married to Janet and blessed with two children Joyce and David. We live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I became born again in 1996 and was baptized in Living Faith Church and attended various Bible colleges including Word of Faith Bible Institute, Christ the Redeemer Bible College, and Newburgh Seminary College (Indiana). My life rides on the wheels of learning, teaching, research and development.
In a 3-day vision in January 2009, the Lord spoke clearly to me regarding the Singles and Married Ministries. The name ‘Yes Yes’ was later ministered through the Word of God in 2 Corinthians 1:17-20, Matthew 5:37, and James 5:12. Then, I had a second vision in April 2009. Yes Yes Ministry is the purpose for which my whole life had been a preparation. I welcome you onboard the flight to a world of matrimonial bliss.